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What is 'training compensation' and how will it help Fluminense not lose Marcos Paulo

Tricolor should not get compensation from Atlético de Madrid for the player, but, by FIFA rule, he will receive R$3 million for having formed the striker. Previously considered one of the biggest sales potentials in the history of Fluminense, striker Marcos Paulo is getting closer and closer to leaving the club for free. Free as of July, the player has already signed a pre-contract with Atlético de Madrid (ESP), which has not shown itself willing to pay any amount or give up a percentage of the rights to have the athlete immediately, despite internal efforts and the staff. However, the Tricolor will not go completely without financial rewards. With the "training compensation", or "compensation for training", in Portuguese, the Flu will be entitled to about 500 thousand euros (about R$ 3.2 million at the current price).

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