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Interview: Marcio Suttile | He explains why Jair Bolsonaro cannot interfere in the CBF management

The supposed pressure of the federal government on the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), coach Tite and the players of the Brazilian team to swallow their participation in the Copa América is a topic of debate among specialists in sports law. After all, why does FIFA shield its members and is practically immune to attacks from different government systems or regimes? Ultimately, what would be the punishment imposed on Brazil if there is proof that Jair Bolsonaro asked and the president removed from the CBF, Rogério Caboclo, promised to fire Tite and hire the assumed Bolsonarista Renato Gaúcho? This is the subject of the following chat with Marcio Suttile, from Suttile & Vaciski Advogados, after the attacks by Bolsonaro’s sons and even the vice-president, General Hamilton Mourão, on the Brazilian team’s coach.

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