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‘If FIFA accepts Al Wahda’s request, Cruzeiro will have 30 days to pay or fall to Serie C

Specialist heard by the report L!/Valinor Content explained the size of the problem that Raposa is experiencing and the risk of falling, which will be immediate if the debt is not paid. Cruzeiro is adjusting on the pitch and is struggling to catch up on life outside of it. And, the most worrying thing for Fox is settling accounts with FIFA. The Minas Gerais team has already made more than R$30 million in payments, but one in particular remains open: with Al Wahda, from the United Arab Emirates, in the amount of R$5.3 million for the loan of midfielder Denilson, in 2016. This case has already led to the loss of six points in Serie B, but if there is no final payment, Cruzeiro's fate could be even worse with the fall to Serie C of the Brazilian.

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