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TROPEIRÃOCAST - Cruzeiro and FIFA: jurists explain the imbroglio that could even demote Raposa

#TROPEIRÃOCAST interviewed two jurists to explain and delve deeper into the size of the imbroglio in which Cruzeiro found itself facing several debts and which FIFA is enforcing the legislation. A great debate with lawyer Pedro Henrique Zaithammer, a specialist in sports law, who explains to us the size of the celestial team's problem. We also participated in a press conference with Cruzeiro's legal superintendent, Flávio Boson, and questioned whether FIFA is using Cruzeiro as an example to other teams in Brazil. Come with us at #TROPEIRÃOCAST, which is very spicy today. #TROPEIRÃOCAST is on all podcast platforms. Listen and enjoy the most delicious and unusual analysis of Minas Gerais football. Apple Podcast:

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