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Foz revelation, Raphael Alemão terminates contract and claims lack of salary

In an interview with journalist Bruno Zanette, lawyer Pedro Zaithammer, from Suttile & Vaciski, who handled the case at the 2nd Labor Court in Foz do Iguaçu, the Iguaçu team had not paid the athlete's salary since May 2015. request for the termination of the player's contract with the club in the Labor Court. We use as a basis article 31 of the Pelé Law, which allows the release of the athlete after three months or more of delay, in whole or in part, of the salary. What we wanted now was just the termination, so that the player could act in other teams, and it came through the injunction. The amounts owed by the club will be collected at another time, during a hearing”, he said.

See the full news at the link

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